8 Tell Tale Signs Of A Termite Infestation Your Property

Termites thrive in dark, damp conditions and feed off timber inside your property. They colonise and terrorise the structural integrity of your home, building and office. To avoid expensive repairs, we recommend termite inspections to ensure you can detect and eradicate termites before it is too late!

1.       Mud Cracks In Timber – Mud Cracks (also known as shelter tubes) are made by termites to protect themselves from sunlight. These mud trails are a tell tale sign that you have termite damage.

2.       Termite Nests – a thorough search in your backyard, subfloor or property may reveal a mound like nest which may indicate the presence of termites. If you can’t find the nest, don’t worry – our experienced team at Newcastle Pest Exterminators can help!

3.       Mud Tunnels – termites build tunnels to transport themselves to sources of food and nutrition. They are mostly found in the subfloor (the area of your home between the ground and the floorboards). Moisture in the subfloor is normally the perfect breeding ground for termites.

4.       Bubbling Paint – If your paint or gyprock is bubbling, there may be termites behind it. From the floor to ceiling, check your walls to see if they are bubbling. This means that the building materials may be hollow behind the gyprock.

5.       Termites In Your Backyard – It is extremely common for us see termites outside in the garden. This normally means that termites are also inside your property. When you first see termites outside, it is time to call in the experts at termite control!

6.       Uneven Floors – Similar to bubbling paint, uneven floors may indicate the presence of termites underneath. The gap between the ground and your floor is the perfect breeding ground for termites.

7.       Stressed Trees – large trees on your property can be the home to termite colonies. We can check if a tree is stressed and needs to be cut down. Normally, if the trees internal temperature is greater than 39 degrees, it indicates the presence of termites.

8.       Swarms of Termites – termites which fly (also known as winged termites) are common during spring and summer time in the evening. These termites fly from a nearby nest – looking to colonise and terrorise either your property, or a property near you!