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Maitland Profile

Maitland is a very diverse area in terms of homes with many older homes in the city centre and also in surrounding suburbs such as Largs, Bolwarra, Lorn, Morpeth, Telarah, Rutherford, etc. These older homes naturally develop cracks and crevices which may become a haven for disease carrying pests. It is therefore important to have a safe and effective pest management system in place to keep your family safe.

Pest Control Maitland

Newer homes also benefit from regular pest control treatments especially where they are located near shopping centres, parks or bushland. When you have children it is important to ensure pests such as cockroaches, fleas, ants, and spiders and kept under control. We can provide a family friendly pest control treatment that controls 13+ pests in and around your home.

For private home owners with young families, we offer cockroach, spider, insect and rodent inspections, vital to ensure a pest free environment for families.

End of Lease Pest Treatments in Maitland

Also, with over 20% of houses in Cameron Park being privately rented, we offer an all-inclusive End Of Lease Treatment deal to ensure your house is totally pest free for renters.

Termite Inspections for Maitland

Unfortunately Maitland homes are very vunerable to termite attack as there are an abundance of active termite nests in the bush surrounding our suburbs. These nests do annually swarm and move to new locations including homes. If your house has a timber frame it can easily be invaded by termites in the ground if there is a nearby nest and you would never know. The only way to protect your home is to have an annual termite inspection or install  a barrier system if you are in a particularly vunerable location near bush. Termites can cause severe and extremely costly damage. (Source: Britannica)

Annual inspections are carried out by our fully trained professional staff and include inspections using the latest thermographic equipment. Every inspection comes with a detailed report and photos.

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About Newcastle Pest Exterminators in Maitland.

We are a family run business & besides Offering Competitive General Pest Control Services, we Specialise In Termites In Maitland & Surrounding Areas.[/fancyheading]
Newcastle Pest Exterminators provide pest control services throughout the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas. We cover a wide range of Newcastle areas, including but not limited to:
• Newcastle Greater area
• Hunter Valley
• Upper Hunter
• Lake Macquarie Area
• And many more

Born and bred in Newcastle, our pest control technician has a passion for delivering quality work to your home or business. Whether you have Termites In Newcastle Or other General
Our work is the best you will find, at an affordable rate and fully warranted.

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Newcastle Pest Exterminators offers a range of highly competitive pest control packages.
Each package includes a comprehensive pest inspection, safe, reliable treatments, and all work is fully warranted.

Gold Package



Choose from a Full External Pest barrier OR Internal Treatment

Platnium Package



Full External Pest barrier AND Internal Treatment

Diamond Package


2 Treatments per Annum at a discounted price

Full External Pest barrier AND Internal Treatment


Our Tailor made German Cockroach package employs a variety of methods blended together to Seek and Destroy not only the cockroaches you see, but also their nest(s).

End of Lease Package


Termite InspectionsIf you suspect a Termite infestation in your home or want to prevent a termite infestation before it begins, then give Newcastle Pest Exterminators a call.

We provide Termite inspections in Newcastle and surrounding areas and know first hand the damage termites cause when they enter your home. If you do see them in your walls, the damage has already become a significant economic importance to your prized possession, your home.

Newcastle Pest Exterminators Termite inspections provide you with:
• A Computer generated Termite Inspection Report that is easy to understand
• A visual inspection of any evidence of damage to wood, interior and exterior
• An understanding of weak points in your home that can attract and sustain termites

If you have Termite Control control in mind, call Newcastle Pest Exterminators. We have extensive experience in Termite Inspections and Control.

With our 24-hour response time, we ensure you will have your pest control enquiry addressed immediately. We make pest protection easy and hassle-free, providing you with the best customer service experience in the industry.

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