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Do You Have A Mouse or Rat Problem?

Mice and rats can do a large amount of damage in your home if left untreated.  The house mouse in particular is the most commonly encountered of all rodents and if left uncontrolled are found almost everywhere from homes, offices, warehouses, workshops, agriculture barns, open paddocks and bushland. 

Once inside your home, mice and rats will live in kitchen cupboards, or more commonly in your walls and in the ceiling. You may hear the pitter patter of tiny feet or the sound of scratching and squeeking inside your walls or ceilings, particularly at night when the nocturnal animals are most active

Rodents love to eat and are equipped to eat all kinds of food and paper products and will chew pretty much everything they come across because of their continually growing teeth. Of particular concern in our homes and offices are mice and rats chewing electical wiring with NBN cables being particularly vunerable.

Rats and mice are eperts at finding food with their excellence sense of smell they are also very good at spreading any number of diseases whether it's through contaminating your food, leaving waste droppings and urine in your house or simply contaminating things they touch.

As bad as rodents can be, we offer simple and effective solutions to control them fast, particularly infestations. Because rats and mice can live inside your house in close contact with you are your pets we are proud to offer mouse control services which, like our other pest control products are committed to you and your pets and the environment's safety.  

What Can I Do to Help My Pest Technician Eradicate Rats and Mice?

Unfortunately, our customers tell us some off the shelf DIY products do not work or work only partially. It is important to completely irradicate all rats and mice from around your home so here some things you can do.

  • Locate where the rats and mice are coming in and seal off any holes you can find.
  • Clear away any food sources from around your home. Make sure your garbage bins are firmly closed.
  • Make sure all animal feeds are stored in rodent proof containers preferably made of metal so they can't chew through. eg chicken feed, dog feeed, horse feed etc.
  • The best way to control and remove mice inside your home or office is to use traps to catch them. 
  • If you do use baits make sure they are always housed inside a secure locable bait trap and inacessable to children and pets.
  • If the problem is persistent call in the pest control experts from Newcastle Pest Exterminators. We can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will keep rats and mice away for good.

We offer comprehensive Pest Control Methods to get Rid of Mice and Rats.

A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use tried and tested products to control them.



Newcastle Pest Exterminators provide quality pest management services to homeowners throughout the Newcastle Area and the Central Coast.

We fully understand the sensitive nature of the home environment, and we take the protection of your family's health and property very seriously. Whether you need a special treatment, or you are looking for continuous protection year-round, Newcastle Pest Exterminators can customise a treatment package that will meet all your needs.



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