Frequently Asked Questions About Termites


How much is a termite barrier?

The price of a termite barrier will vary depending on the requirements and size of your property. Termite barriers usually encompass the perimeter of a building, placed under the surface to disrupt termite tracks. Due to the differing conditions and labour intensive work, the cost of a complete barrier can range from $1600 to $7000.

How long does it take for a termite barrier to be effective?

Upon installation the termite barrier will become effective almost immediately.
Both physical and chemical termite barriers can help stop termites from entering the home as soon as they are put in place. A physical barrier can help prevent termites smaller than a match head from penetrating the walls. 

How do I know I have termites?

Termites can be incredibly difficult to find. Often by the time there are obvious signs it means there may already be an infestation and the damage has been done.

  • Some of these signs include:
  • Faint tapping noise behind the walls.
  • Mud tubes along building walls.
  • Bubbling paint on doors, windows, and skirting boards.
  • Easily damaged floors and skirting boards.

Regular Termite Inspections can uncover termite activity but also conditions conducive to termite activity.

What is the best termite control method?

The best type of termite control is a combination of chemical insecticides, termite baits, and regular inspections.

Liquid soil treatments can last from three to eight years depending on the conditions at your property. It can be used at almost any home and is super effective at killing termites and deterring future colonies from coming any closer. Unlike other pesticides that are sprayed outdoors, liquid based solutions are injected into the ground and do not pose a threat of airborne exposure to chemicals for children or pets.

Baiting methods are also a very successful tool for the fight against termites. Modern baiting methods are odourless to termites which means they often consume and spread the bait without knowing. These baited termites return back to the nest and eradicate the problem at the core.

Each house is unique and requires its own combination of methods to deter termites. 

Newcastle Pest Exterminators can assess your property and discuss the best options with you.

Is termite control necessary?

Every year termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to business and homes across Australia. Many property owners are often horrified to discover that this damage is not typically covered under most kinds of home insurance. These termites can also cause irreparable damage within just a few months of their infestation.

Investing in high quality pest control and booking regular termite inspections can save you thousands of dollars. The team at Newcastle Pest Exterminators are passionate about protecting their clients and equipping them with sound advice so you know the best options to keep your home safe from termites.

How to control termites naturally?

If you’re interested in controlling termites with purely natural methods the team at Newcastle Pest Exterminators can discuss possible options that may be available.

Natural methods will not be as effective at stopping termites, but regular inspections may help to reduce the likelihood of a severe infestation.

Do-it-yourself/DIY termite control is not recommended because it is difficult for non-professional to spot the signs of termites.

Additionally, many DIY methods often simply unsettle the termites and they move to a new spot in the house.

Some houses have more conducive conditions for termites like damp ground and old buildings and this can raise your chances of an infestation.

Newcastle Pest Exterminators can discuss these issues with you and offer possible solutions. Contact us today to find out more.


It can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot the presence of termites or white ants, especially subterranean termites. For this reason, we recommend you use our expert termite inspection services. We have been in business since 2014, exterminating termites in homes and businesses in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Leave termite detection to the experts!

However, if you are notice the following, it may be time to call Newcastle Pest Exterminators:

Mud tracks around walls, skirting and door frames.
Paint peeling off or paint bubbling the gyprock.
Hollow sounding wood.
Noises of mud ‘falling’
Small holes in the timber or in the paint.

If you see signs of termite activity or find termites, do not disturb them. Simply call us on 0411 250 950 and we’ll complete a full inspection for you and advise the best solution for your property. We even offer termite treatments to ensure your home does not ‘rot away.’




Your house is your biggest asset. As a homeowner, you have spent a huge amount of money to purchase and maintain your home. This makes it extremely important to maximise your comfort and optimise the quality of life in your home. Homeowners with young families and pets need to ensure their homes are safe and free of termites which may jeopardise their health. As a general rule, Termite prevention is far better and far cheaper than eradication. That means that if you spot the tell tale signs of termites, it is best to talk to the experts. From the surface, termites may only have a small visible impact – however, there may be more damage which does not meet the eye. If you live in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland region it is important to seek professional termite inspection services, even if you think everything is fine.



Newcastle Pest Exterminators are your local, family-owned and operated pest and termite control business. We proudly offer a same day response (where possible) to ensure your termite control or inspection enquiry is addressed immediately. Customer service and satisfaction is in our DNA. Our customers are our number one priority and we are totally committed to delivering high-quality inspections, treatments and service no matter how routine or advanced the termite situation has become. These unwanted pests can wreak havoc on your property and the value of your home.

As your local termite experts, we have seen 1000s of homes with termite damage.