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  • Easy to read Computer Generated reports to Aust Standards
  • IncludesThermal Imaging, Radar and Moisture Detection (Roof leaks, rising damp, Termite in walls) 
  • Same day reporting
  • FREE on the spot quotations on Termite Protection, Termite Treatments and Termite Barriers
  • 100% Money back guarantee 

Termite Inspections 

  • Easy to read Computer Generated reports to Aust Standards
  • IncludesThermal Imaging, Radar and Moisture Detection (Roof leaks, rising damp, Termite in walls) 
  • Same day reporting
  • FREE on the spot quotations on Termite Protection, Termite Treatments and Termite Barriers
  • 100% Money back guarantee 

Why Newcastle Termite Inspections are vital

During one of our intensive Termite Inspections not only do we have a good chance of finding a Termite Infestation but we WILL find all conducive conditions relating to Termite Attacks and Report on them

So, in essence, even if you don’t have Termites, we will find what can bring them into your home

Termite Damage costs Australians $700 million dollars per year, with individual owners spending up to $250,000 on repairs to their home – Figures suggest that 34,000 homes are attacked per annum, Australia wide. And as far as we know, Insurance companies don’t cover any Termite related damage

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FAQ about Termite Inspections

What is the cost of a termite inspection?

Depending on the size of your property and its condition the prices for a termite inspection may vary. Typically most inspections will range between $155 for smaller buildings and $330 for larger estates. 

Are termite inspections necessary?

It can take less than 12 months for a colony of termites to damage the structural integrity of a building. Generally it’s also very difficult to spot termites and by the times signs are visible it means they’ve already caused damage. 

Many insurance companies do not cover termite damage in their policies. Regular termite inspections are the best way to save money and your house in the long run. 

How Often Should I Get a Termite Inspection?

According to the New South Wales government and Australian standards it is strongly recommended that regular inspections are conducted every six to twelve months. Some houses may require more inspections depending on the conditions. 

Hiring an expert in termite detection and pest control, like the team at Newcastle Pest Exterminators, is vital. It takes a lot of experience and training to be able to determine if the house has termites and how severe the problem may be. If you’re unsure about how regularly you should have inspections talk to the NPE team. After assessing your situation and needs we can discuss the appropriate choice for you and plan the next steps. 

Can a termite inspection be done in the rain? 

Yes, sometimes termite inspections can be conducted in the rain. Inspections can be conducted in light to medium rain. If the weather conditions become severe we may need to reschedule. If you’re unsure then it’s best to contact us.


Termites are often mistakenly called ‘white ants’ as they are both white and look exactly like they belong to the ant family. They are subterranean, meaning they bore into wood. Wood ants are another alias you might hear termites called. There are around 330 types of termites in Australia. This might sound like a lot, however only 4 of these are a problem for homeowners in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland region. 

Fortunately for you, Newcastle Pest Exterminators offer quality pest control, at an affordable rate.  


Termites are an unfortunate certainty; everyone knows someone or has had a personal experience with them. About a third of homes and business premises across Australia are threatened by these creatures and their extremely destructive patterns.Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest, combined. (Source: Consumer Guide

The smartest decision that anyone can take upon discovering a colony inside or on their property, is to call pest control technicians. It is imperative you do not touch or disturb the termite colony. If you are in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland region and need termites eradicated, the team here at Newcastle Pest Exterminators are the regions local choice and promise high-quality, safe and fast working termite prevention treatment backed by tangible and realistic results.


We have extensive experience working in the region. Since our inception in 2014, we have helped countless families and businesses with termite eradication. We are a family-owned and run company and take pride in the services we offer the community. We offer generous warranty period and use leading brands such as Tremidor. Our domestic pest control can help effectively mitigate the damage that termites do. Termites can lead to many different problems, so our aim at NPE is to protect your home, trees, subfloor and overall property from termite damage.


We only source and use the very best products that have maximum impact on eliminating your pest problem, with an absolute minimal effect on you, your kids and your pets. Here at Newcastle Pest Exterminators, we never use dodgy treatments so you can rest assured that we will do a thorough job, backed up by a reminder service that gives you the simplest way to maintain the highest standards of termite pest control in your home or commercial property. 


At Newcastle Pest Exterminators, we believe that treatment for any problem is a great first step. However, routine termite inspections and follow up checks are essential to ensure continuing results from our treatments. If we could describe termites in one word, we would call them persistent. Most home and contents insurance policies do NOT cover termite damage. Unfortunately, even if you buy an over-the-counter DIY treatment, they will only be pushed to another location in your home or return to the same place in a very short time. Their survival success depends on living in a protective underground environment.

Professional treatments are designed to actively deter and lead pests away from your property. We use different types of termite baiting and monitoring barriers to form a complete Termite Interception Zone around your property. This treatment has seen consistent success in hundreds, maybe thousands of homes since 2014. It is especially important in Newcastle, whereby based on CSIRO data and APCA national survey, the east coast is classified as very high risk. 


Once a treatment is in place, its effectiveness is maintained through professional intervention. While one colony of termites has left, it does not mean that another will not make their way into your home. Caution is the key to maintaining a comfortable, healthy home. 

It is essential to keep up to date with your treatments, but it is also important to acknowledge other issues. The damage your property has sustained, or new works can leave your structure open to invaders and new colonies! Consequently, whenever you are working on your property, or if repairs are needed, it would be a wise idea to give us a call to complete a pest inspection. Our pest inspections include:

  • Easy to read Computer Generated reports to Aust Standards
  • IncludesThermal Imaging, Radar and Moisture Detection (Roof leaks, rising damp, Termite in walls) 
  • Same day reporting
  • FREE on the spot quotations on Termite Protection, Termite Treatments and Termite Barriers


Newcastle Pest Exterminators have earned an exemplary reputation in our community. You can see our raving Google reviews. Past customers appreciate our friendly, fast and professional approach, as well as our commitment to keeping them updated and communicating well. We complete consistent and detailed inspections, and believe our services offer you a level of value that is unmatched by other companies.

If you have a property in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland region that is plagued by termites; call or email us to start a conversation about how we can eradicate your problem efficiently, reliability and once-and-for-all.

We offer the Best Termite Treatments to get Rid of Termites & Termite Barriers to help STOP them coming back

Our Trained Termite Technicians can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and are qualified to use registered insecticides to control all Species of Termites



Newcastle Pest Control will ALWAYS provide the best quality Pest Control to your Home or Business 

We fully understand the sensitive nature of the home environment, and we take the protection of your family’s health and property very seriously. Whether you need a special treatment, or you are looking for continuous protection year-round, Newcastle Pest Exterminators can customise a treatment package that will meet all your needs.

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Newcastle Pest Exterminators offers a range of highly competitive pest control and Termite Inspection packages.
All work is fully warranted.

Add a termite inspection to any package at a discounted rate

We use only the top of the line, environmentally friendly and the latest, most technologically advanced pesticides
in carefully measured amounts to minimise risks to you, your family and your pets.


The Future of Termite Barriers

Newcastle Termite Exterminators use the latest in Termite Barriers from Sentricon. Watch the video below to see how they work.

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