Pest Management for Schools, TAFE, Universitys & Childcare

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Pest Control in educational facilities is vital for keeping kids and adults safe and happy. Rodents and pests spread disease and bacteria everywhere. That’s why the team at Newcastle Pest Exterminators take pest management in schools very seriously. We work with each educational environment to assess the current pest situation and set out a detailed management plan to keep pests away permanently.

Rodents and insects can be quite the eyesore. You don’t want cockroaches and rats running around distracting everyone and scaring off potential future students. They also pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of students. Proper pest control for universities, educational buildings, and childcare centres is essential. Every education facility has a legal and ethical obligation to supply a healthy and clean environment for staff and students. Pest Control for the education industry can prevent disease, damage to buildings and equipment, reduce distractions, and stop these pests from spreading into the wider community.

Prioritise The Safety Of Your Students!

Trying a do-it-yourself approach with improper pesticide use can be extremely dangerous and may pose potential harm to the health of students and staff. Incorrect pesticide use can contaminate soil and spread through the air, potentially poisoning those within a close radius and posing long term consequences.

Hiring the professional and expert staff at Newcastle Pest Exterminators is as easy as picking up the phone to call us. Plus you can rest assured that our team will implement a thorough integrated pest management plan for schools. We use a range of highly effective and safe commercial sprays that are not available to the general public, alongside traps and regular inspections. This holistic approach ensures that all angles are covered and a pest infestation is practically impossible. We have the experience and knowledge when it comes to commercial pest control for schools.

Rodent Control for Schools in Hunter Valley

Schools attract a variety of pests due to the number of food scraps and human traffic every day. Even the most hygienic and organised schools often struggle with sudden bug and rodent infestations. There are lots of pests that can cause a variety of issues and these include:


Cockroaches in schools are a common issue due to food scraps. Many students with allergen sensitivities can be triggered by the presence of these pests and it may lead to severe asthmatic reactions. Cockroaches introduce allergens through faeces and saliva and can carry deadly bacterias throughout the school.

Rats and mice

Rodents can cause an innumerable amount of issues in schools. Their droppings and saliva also cause allergic reactions. Additionally, they’re infamous for spreading deadly diseases including the Hantavirus and salmonella. Only trained pest exterminators can search for their presence and detect rodents around.


These flying menaces carry lots of bacteria and disease wherever they go. Due to their attraction to faeces, rotting food, and even dead animals they have the opportunity to spread lots of disgusting germs. Flies are also difficult to catch and contain in outdoor environments.


Ants also spread bacteria and disease, with the added chance of biting/stinging students and staff. With a seemingly infinite variety of ants in the Hunter region as well it’s likely that as soon as you get rid of one species another will come to take its place. The NPE team are specialists when it comes to removing and preventing ants of all types.


Schools are also under attack from bees and wasps, birds and their lice, possums, termites, and so much more. Many of these pests can be hard to notice until they’ve already started to cause irreparable damage or caused illness.

That’s why you need a team with lots of experience and knowledge when it comes to inspections and treatment. The Newcastle Pest Exterminators team have experience when it comes to school pest control policies and pest management. Our school and education pest control services are reliable and efficient. We’ve worked with lots of schools over Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, and beyond.

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