Termite Control

Newcastle Pest & Termite Exterminators are the experts in Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments, and Termite Protection. Every year termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to properties across Australia. Termites are infamously hard to find pests that can attack your home unnoticed and cause thousands of dollars of structural damage in just a few months. 

Newcastle Pest Exterminators specialise in high-quality termite pest control. At NPE we believe that a combination method of routine inspections, teamed with regular treatments and protective measures will ensure your property is safe. We are a leading specialist termite control team in the Hunter Valley. Phone us to make a booking on 0411 250 950

Termites in Newcastle & Hunter Valley

Termites are by far one of the most destructive pests in Australian homes. If you have ever had a termite infestation you will know they are expensive to treat and can require expensive repairs to your home.

Termites, also known as white ants, require moisture from the soil to live and when the exterior humidity and Temperature is just right, they fly their nest to find a mate and create a new colony.

They will find their way into any structure through crevices, pipes and even the smallest gaps in concrete slabs where they mercilessly attack your home for food.

The main characteristics of a subterranean termite infestation are the mud tunnels they build to access your home. 

Annual Termite Inspections 

We can help you. We have successfully completed thousands of inspections and treatments around Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast &  Port Stephens.

We use only state of the art tools including Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters and a Termatrak

At Newcastle Pest Exterminators our professional team are very experienced with white ant invasions and can treat your problem and also give you advice on maintenance to ensure it doesn’t occur again. For more about Termite inspections click here

How to eradicate Termites effectively

It is very important not to disturb termites when you find them! With termites the whole nest must be treated or they may infest your property in other sections

If you find termites, give us a call for a FREE Consultation so we can offer you a Termite Treatment Plan after assessing your situation

Reducing the likelihood of a Termite Attack

  • Get an Annual Inspection
  • Make sure there is no timber lying around your property in contact with the ground
  • Keep home clean and tidy
  • Keep home free of Tree stumps anywhere near your property. 

We offer comprehensive Termite Treatments to get rid of Termites fast

A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the particular species of termites that you have in a way that is safe for your family and pets.



Newcastle Pest Exterminators provide quality pest management services to homeowners throughout the Newcastle Area and the Central Coast.

We fully understand the sensitive nature of the home environment, and we take the protection of your family’s health and property very seriously. Whether you need a special treatment, or you are looking for continuous protection year-round, Newcastle Pest Exterminators can customise a treatment package that will meet all your needs.



Newcastle Pest Exterminators offers a range of highly competitive pest control packages.
Each package includes a comprehensive pest inspection, safe, reliable treatments, and all work is fully warranted.

Termite Package

Termite Inspection and Report to Aust. Standards

Quotes for Termite Protection Barrier

Pre Construction Termite Barrier

Post Construction Termite Barrier

Ongoing support


Cockroach Package

Our Tailor made German Cockroach package employs a variety of methods blended together to Seek and Destroy not only the cockroaches you see, but also their nest(s).


Our Most Comprehensive Treatment

Includes inspection and consultation prior to commencement

Includes Pest Control for multiple pests in multiple locations

+ FREE German Cockroach Treatment

+ FREE Rodent Treatment (Preventative)

We treat your Roof Void, Floor Void/Slab, Internally, Externally and YOUR Fence lines and Clotheslines

End of Lease Treatment


Add a termite inspection to any package at a discounted rate

We use only the top of the line, environmentally friendly and the latest, most technologically advanced pesticides in carefully measured amounts to minimise risks to you, your family and your pets.

Your home is your biggest asset and we are here to help you protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control

Here are some popular questions asked by clients of Newcastle Pest Exterminators about termites. 

What is Termite Control?

Termite removal and control is all about finding the most effective treatments to exterminate and prevent further termites from entering your home. The two most effective methods of termite control include baiting and liquid soil treatments. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right termite control treatment options for a house. Some conditions include the area you live, the angle and slope of the house, its age, the conditions of the soil, and the type of termites. 

After an inspection of your property, the Newcastle Pest Exterminators team can discuss appropriate methods for treatment with you. 

Why Do You Need Termite Control?

The Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie region are especially susceptible to termite infestations. Termites love to eat wood and they like to find damp regions where the wood is soft or decaying. They are attracted to moist soil and big gardens full of foliage. From Hamilton, to Maitland, to Belmont and beyond, there are hundreds of different species of termites and their impact on your home can be devastating. 

That’s why it’s essential to have a trusted team of experts by your side like the team at Newcastle Pest Exterminators. We are Newcastle termite control specialists and we have years of experience in treatment and prevention. 

What kind of Termite Control do we offer?

The best termite control methods are liquid insecticides, baiting, and sometimes a combination of the two. Commercial grade termite control is the most effective treatment option.

Liquid insecticides are used as a termite barrier that starts work immediately and can eliminate an infestation in less than a month. The liquid solution usually covers the perimeter of the property and is injected into the soil. Modern insecticides are less dangerous than ever and pose no airborne risks to your family or neighbours. Chemical barriers will only last for three to ten years and need to be reapplied to prevent termites from entering your home. 

Termite baiting systems are also a very effective termite prevention treatment option. Typically baits are placed around the outside of your property with bits of wood to attract the pests. The bait is usually odourless and termites unknowingly ingest the bait and bring it back to the nest and spread it. This will eradicate the rest of the colony very quickly. Bait is very attractive to termites but is not dangerous to kids and pets. 

Do I really need Termite Fumigation?

Queensland’s Griffith University conducted a study that stated almost 10% of Australian properties have had a termite infestation. In more tropical parts of the country, that statistic rises to 65%. These infestations cost families and businesses thousands of dollars in unexpected out of pocket expenses. 

Newcastle Pest Exterminators are one of the leading termite control specialists in the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and wider Hunter region. The NPE team is passionate about assisting you with termite removal and control. If you have any questions about the right kind of treatment or want to organise control options we’re eagerly awaiting your call.