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Our qualified and licensed pest control operators can determine the type, source and extent of any pest problem you have.

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Cockroaches & Fleas Are Our Specialty

  • We Are Proud of our Reputation as Newcastle’s No.1 Pest Controllers
  • No Wall, Crevice, Roof or Floor Space left to Chance. We will kill all cockroaches and fleas and stop them coming back
  • We also treat for redback spiders, ants and other nasties in the one visit!!
  • If mice or rats are your problem just let us know and in one visit they will be gone
  • All our treaments are safe for your family and pets
  • 100% Money back guarantee 

Identifying the particular pests you have, especially cockroaches, is an important step in treating any infestation and Newcastle Pest Exterminator staff are experts in such a task. American Cockroaches, German Cockroaches and Australian Cockroaches are the most common cockroaches found in our homes and businesses. 

Our expert technicians do not “Spray and Pray” but provide targeted, effective treatments for cockroaches and a multitude of other pests. 



Why Cockroach and Flea Control is Important

Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria that can contaminate food and consequently make you sick. Specifically, Cockroaches can contaminate your food with their saliva and feaces which contains bacteria. This bacteria may cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and Staphylococcus infections. If cockroaches are living in your home, they can deposit this bacteria onto uncovered food and also toys, cutlery and toothbrushes which they are particularly attracted to.

The good news with fleas is that in Australia they pose little serious health risks to humans. That said, they are definitely annoying for you and for your pets and can make your life very uncomfortable. If your dog or cat has fleas it is likely that you and family family will be bitten. Flea bites cause a similar reaction on the skin as mozzie bites. A flea bite will become itchy and red and to some people they will cause an allergic reaction. Living with a flea problem is not pleasant for you or your pet and it is an easy problem for us to treat.

Call our friendly team and we can send out an expert to treat your pest problem and ensure they don’t come back for a full 12 months.

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We offer comprehensive Pest Control to get Rid of Cockroaches, Fleas and other pests and STOP Them Coming Back

A qualified and licensed pest control operator will determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the particular pests that you have.



Newcastle Pest Control will ALWAYS provide the best quality Pest Control to your Home or Business 

We fully understand the sensitive nature of the home environment, and we take the protection of your family’s health and property very seriously. Whether you need a special treatment, or you are looking for continuous protection year-round, Newcastle Pest Exterminators can customise a treatment package that will meet all your needs.

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Newcastle Pest Exterminators offers a range of highly competitive pest control and Termite Inspection packages.
All work is fully warranted.

Add a Termite Inspection to your pest treatment at a discounted rate

We use only the top of the line, environmentally friendly and the latest, most technologically advanced pesticides
in carefully measured amounts to minimise risks to you, your family and your pets.